Drive tray load vs drive slot load

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Dec 02, 2000 · Slot versus Tray CD/DVD Drives 27 posts i have a slot-load dvd drive and i love it. it's particularly good right above my burner, cause then … slot load VS. tray load blu ray burner - Storage - Desktops Feb 23, 2013 · hello personally I like slot load optical drive than tray load, i think they r modern & stylish. im looking for a blu ray burner only thing i found is Slot load vs tray load? | Yahoo Answers

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Slot loading or Tray Loading: There are two different ways to load CD/DVD discs into the optical drive: tray loading and slot loading. This drive is a slot loading drive. The following pictures show the difference between those two type drives: Force eject for slot load dvd drive (studio 15 1557 ...

Jun 07, 2005 · Tray. Slot loads seem to have difficulty with some sorts of media, especially DualDisc and damaged media. Also if the drive breaks it would likely be much more difficult to get your media out of a slot load drive intact compared to a tray manually.

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Oct 24, 2015 ... I haven't had the best luck with slot loading. Both my Wii and PS3 don't pull in the disc right away like they once did taking the wow factor out of ...

MCE 8X DVD±R/RW "SuperDrive" Upgrade for iBook G3 Is your iBook G3 Tray-Loading CD Drive on its last legs or no longer offers you ... its highest performing slot-loading CD and DVD burning drive now available for ... PC manufacuters moving to thin, slot-loading optical drives - Jun 3, 2011 ... That's because manufacturers as a whole are standardizing on slot-loading optical drives, instead of the tray-loading optical drives you may be ... How to remove disk from slot-loading drive? - Ars Technica OpenForum True, if it's tray load. Or is it a slot load? Overspeed, what exactly do you have? " Dell Studio laptop" is not precise enough... Razz ...