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Doritos Roulette Flavored Tortilla Chips 3 oz. Bag

PepsiCo Canada has launched “Doritos Roulette,” a new flavour edition in which most of the chips are nacho cheese flavored, while others are insanely hot. Consumers are calling the chips “dangerous” and “a solid slap in the face” and hundreds of people are posting videos of themselves eating the chips on... Doritos Roulette Challenge Goes Viral Online New Doritos Roulette chips contain one quarter spicy flavoring, three quarters nacho cheese.Sadly, the chips are only available in Canada, where they hit shelves last month. But judging by the social media frenzy around the crazy-spicy chips, it wouldn't be surprising if they head to U.S. stores soon. Doritos Roulette Gives You One Super Spicy Chip Per… Doritos Roulette is a new Doritos variety that puts 25 percent extremely spicy chips in a bag of normal nacho-flavored Doritos.We could think of all sorts of mean tricks you could play on your friends. Leave a bowl of Roulette Doritos out during a get-together and laugh manically as approximately... REVIEW: Doritos Roulette (Canada) - The Impulsive Buy Doritos Roulette are Nacho Cheese Doritos, with the occasional very spicy chip mixed into the bunch.I don’t know if I’d want a whole bag of Doritos this spicy, but here, where you get a few regular chips to cool your mouth between the hot ones, it’s actually quite satisfying.

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Not long ago, Doritos dropped a limited-edition bag called Doritos Roulette. It was a normal bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, but every now and again you'd get a ... Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not? | How Many Chips Are Hot?

Kids in Canada are taking the Doritos Roulette challenge and posting reaction videos on YouTube to taunt us losers who can’t get the chips.Chug that rockstar, LIL bro! Yo, you can’t handle that spicy sh*t, son. Okay, look, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to mock these people for entertaining...

Doritos unveils 'Roulette' flavour edition where some chips are ... Jul 4, 2014 ... PepsiCo Canada has launched "Doritos Roulette," a new flavour edition in which most of the chips are nacho cheese flavored, while others are ... 'I thought I was going to die,' says girl who ate spicy Doritos | UK news ...

Jul 17, 2015 ... A North Yorkshire school has banned Doritos Roulette chips after a 14-year-old suffered an asthma attack she says was induced by the extra ...

Doritos Roulette: Schoolgirl 'thought she was going die' after eating spicy crisps. Beth Laybourn, 14, has told how she vomited and "couldn't breathe properly" after eating the snack.